Monday, January 17, 2011

More Happy Engagement Cookies

I just did two orders of Engagement cookies for my friend Kim's friends. I did some heart shaped bride and grooms and some cakes with dark purple roses and congratulations cookies.

Bride and Groom....

All packaged and ready to go!

Wedding Cakes and Congrats Cookies....

Ready to go!!


  1. My fiance and I just received the bride and groom cookies! They are beautiful and tasty, too! Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Courtney! Just found your site while trying to find some fun ideas for engagement cookies. Looked through all your cookies and they are beautiful! I have just been commissioned (more like begged!) to do them for an engagement party at the end of Feb. Anyway, I know full well that once I start there's no turning back but don't really know where to begin with everything :( I was wondering if you'd be willing to offer some tips/tricks for this Midwesterner? I have a ton of questions! I'd love to email you, but you can also email me here, Thanks so much for your time and for your blogging. Love it!

  3. Lindsay!
    You totally made my day!! Thanks so much for your comments. I emailed you last week but I'm not sure you got my email or not? Let me know!
    Thanks again